Community Hope of Delaware

Strengthening Families

Community Hope of Delaware was formed as a public charity in November, 2003 by a few business people who began with a vision to help fund youth education, mentoring programs and youth sports activities. It received approval from the IRS in June, 2005 to operate under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

Today, Community Hope is a vibrant star in Newark, Delaware, serving the community with athletic facilities, affordable performing arts instruction, affordable child care and preschool facilities, and an accredited Bible College associated with Luther Rice University. It also helps support mentoring and guidance programs for teens and adults with families in difficult situations. In addition, Community Hope and Community Hope Marketplace and their partners have supported dozens of projects that make life better for thousands of families.


Community Hope of Delaware

is reaching thousands of

individuals and families

in our regional area with

positive support and


Community Hope provides needed services and programs for people through its ministries: